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Best Off Road Longboard Wheels of 2019

This list of the best off road longboard wheels will point out some of the best wheels on the market. In the following few minutes, we’ll be looking at factors like size, durability, and user reviews to determine which wheels are best for all all-terrain-loving long boarders out there.

RankProductNameOur ScoreLink
1Fireball Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels9.5/10
2Cloud Ride Longboard Wheel Set9.5/10
3Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels9.3/ 10
4MBS All-Terrain Wheels9.0/ 10
5Shark Wheel Sidewinder8.9/ 10
6FREEDARE Longboard Wheels8.5/ 10
7Big Boy Longboard Cruiser Wheels8/10

7. Big Boy Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Price category:Low
Wheels:2.7 inches/ 70mm
Weight:0.98 pounds/ 0.44 kg
Color:Clear Blue

Manufactured by Big Boy, these affordable wheels are well worth the money thanks to their stylish design and sturdy construction. They are excellent for cruising, but we wouldn’t recommend you get them if you’re looking to start learning tricks, as they don’t promote flexibility. However, if you’re a beginner who is just getting the hang of cruising smoothly, these work well regardless of surface or weather.

Furthermore, the Big Boy wheels will let you achieve higher speeds without affecting stability, which is always a plus. If you often use your longboard to commute, these wheels will let you reach your destination in no time.

6. FREEDARE Longboard Wheels

Price category:Low
Wheels:2.7 inches/ 70 mm
Weight:1 pound/ 0.45 kilograms
Color:Black/ Blue/ Green/ Red/ Yellow

These great looking longboard wheels come with a set of ABEC-7 high steel bearings so that you don’t have to change them. At an 83a Durometer rating, they hold up well to all types of terrain while offering a smooth and fast ride. What’s more, because these PU wheels are fairly wide, ride is very stable and smooth. The only real downside of the FREEDARE longboard wheels is that they cannot be extended out, but for the price, this is a minor inconvenience.

Note: The Durometer rating shows how hard the wheels are on a scale from 1 to 100. The lower the rating, the softer the wheels. Because of their length, longboards need wheels that are softer and wider than those of skateboards for extra stability. But for rough terrain, the ideal longboard wheels stand between 78a and 87a on the Durometer scale since they are soft enough for that extra grip but stable enough for a smooth and relatively fast ride.

5. Shark Wheel Sidewinder

Price category:Medium
Wheels:2.7 inch / 70mm
Weight:2 pounds/ 1 kilogram (4-pcs set)
Color:10+ color combos

This is definitely the set that stands out the most to get the title of the best off road longboard wheels. The unique feature is the square shape of the wheels. However, this is just an optical illusion due to the pointy edges that are scientifically proven to provide a stable ride.

This is a truly revolutionary type of longboard wheel design, one that may pay off in the long run. The manufacturer boasts that the Sidewinders have been scientifically proved to be 15% more durable than the other industry leading all-terrain wheels. If you want to be on the cusp of wheel revolution, these might be the wheels for you.

4. MBS All-Terrain Wheels

Price category:Medium
Wheels:4 inches / 100 mm
Weight:2 lbs/ 1 kg (4 pack)
Color:Black/ Green/ Blue

These sturdy all-terrain wheels from MBS do quite a bit of work for you, making them some of the best off road longboard wheels on the market today. The wheels do a great job of giving riders extra traction thanks to the 78a super-high-rebound urethane and overall design, while they also offer a great deal of stability thanks to the extra width without sacrificing speed.

The green and blue wheels are even better looking than the black ones, though you may pay a little extra for the aesthetics. If you’re looking for a good ride on off-road wheels, this is a great place to start.

3. Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Wheels

Price category:High
Wheels:3.14 inches/ 80 mm
Weight:2.3 pounds/ 1.04 kilograms (4 pack)
Color:Orange 80A/ Purple 83A

Orangatang is already an acclaimed name among skateboarders thanks to their carefully designed wheels. This brand pays close attention to details. For instance, their classic Orangatang urethane will feel smooth yet grippy under your deck. At the same time, the slide is soft as butter.

What will truly have your back off road is the flexibility of the Kegels that can take any cracks sticks or rocks of the terrain. Moreover, the large core of 1.8 inches will offer the support riders need for natural acceleration. Therefore, besides precision on the roughest surfaces, you will also get to enjoy extreme speed.

2. Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser Longboard Wheel Set

Price category:Medium
Wheels:2.7 inches/ 69 mm
Weight:1.5 pounds/ 0.68 kg
Color:Black/ Blue/ Clear/ Clear Green/ Clear Red / White

Looking for a super smooth ride? Then these wheels make for a sound investment. They measure 69mm in diameter and 78a in hardness. The high rebound urethane is well-suited to any type of riding – cruising, carving, and freeriding included.

Surprisingly resilient, the wheels have great grip for cornering and let you easily roll over cracks, small rocks, and rough surfaces. They offer great control when sliding and enable you to slow you down rapidly, so you can ride them downhill without too many issues. If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your board, you’re in the right place.

1. Fireball Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels

Price category:Medium
Wheels:2.4 inches/ 60 mm
Weight:1.70 Pounds/ 0.7 kg
Color:Black/ White

Don’t be fooled by the tiny size of these wheels – they’re sturdy and versatile, especially designed to enable you to break into a slide and create smoking clean lines. Giving you unparalleled precision and performance, these wheels are great for park, cruising, and freeriding, as they come with rounded lips and a large stiff core.

The wheels work well on any kind of surface, making skateboarding a seamless experience, so you can enjoy predictable slides and even wear patterns. If you prefer larger wheels, go for the Fireball Tinder 70mm option, available in a red/white combo.


The best off road longboard wheels are a combination of old standbys, new designs, and out-sized dimensions. Every wheel set on our list will help you get more out of your off-road adventures while still keeping you safe. They are not, however, the only all-terrain longboard wheels on the market today. If you’ve already had the chance to test some of these beauties, we want to hear from you. Write your feedback in the comment section below.

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