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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard – 2019 Review

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is a 44-inch longboard that is constructed of quality wood and durable parts. It’s also in the mid-price range, making it affordable. The question is – is it actually worth the purchase? To give you better insight into the answer, let’s look at all the main features, the various specs, what comes with your purchase, and the pros/cons of the board.

Quest The Super Cruiser Green Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44" Longboard Skateboard
  • 7 Ply Super-Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple Deck
  • Kick Tail and Nose for Performance
  • Durable 70x51mm 80A PU Wheels, Smooth Riding Reverse Kingpin Truck Configuration
  • Rugged & Lightweight 6" Aluminum Trucks, Precision ABEC 7 Bearings and Hollow 4mm Risers
  • Wheel Wells to Prevent "Wheel Bite" on Extreme Turns
Deck material: Hardwood maple and bamboo
Wheels: 70 mm
Board Length: 44 inches
Bearings: Super fast ABEC 7
Trucks: 7-inch aluminum trucks
Price Range: Medium

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard – Main Features

The main draw of this longboard is the fact that is made of hardwood maple and artisan bamboo. When bamboo is combined with other materials like hardwood maple, you get a durable board that’s also flexible. You get a groovy ride that’s stable but also performs well.

It is also paired with Super fast ABEC 7 bearings which are known to be fast and strong. They are also very durable. So if you want to ride on flat surfaces or carve it out in a skate park, you can do so without any worries.

This is all backed by rust and corrosion resistant aluminum trucks. These trucks are very sturdy and will be able to handle moderate jumps. This is helpful since this longboard has both a kick tail and kick nose to pull off some cool tricks.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions of this model is 43 x 9 x 44 inches
  • The longboard weighs 10 pounds.
  • It’s equipped with Super fast ABEC 7 bearings
  • A sturdy pair of 7-inch aluminum trucks are used.

Box Content

Here’s list of things you can expect to find in the box:

  • The longboard itself.
  • Pads to help protect the ends from scratches.


  • This is a very popular board. The reasons why can be explained by the pros:
  • The material is very high quality. The wood is very durable but is designed to be flexible. If you do not like the surf-like feel of the board, you can always tighten up the trucks for a cleaner ride.
  • Riders of all heights and weights had no problems using the board. The board kept balance for most riders and provided the perfect fit.
  • Customers that bought it for their children 10 years or older had no issues with the board in terms of sizing.
  • It is a great entry level longboard. You get a longboard that’s made of quality material without paying a steep price. It’s definitely a great value for your money.
  • The longboard comes with rust and corrosion resistant trucks which means you don’t have to worry about riding in wet conditions.
  • It has a very comfortable ride. Many say that it has a surf like feel yet maintains stability. This what many customers expect from a longboard.
  • The other parts like the wheels, bearings and trucks are of decent quality. They can be upgraded but many customers liked the performance right out of the box.


Of course, there are some cons that customers have brought up about this board:

  • While it is flexible, some riders found that it was a little too stiff for their liking. They tried to adjust it but couldn’t get it right without sacrificing balance and sturdiness.
  • Some found a few flaws in the finishing touches of the longboard. The paint finish wasn’t clean enough and some customers minor scratches in the tail. While notable, these things didn’t affect the performance.
  • Experienced riders feel that riding the board right out of the box isn’t optimal. They felt that it needed higher quality bearings and wheels. But after these upgrades were made, they were very happy with the board.
  • Customers that weighed over 200 pounds found that while the board itself was durable, the parts weren’t durable enough. The bearings or trucks sustained damaged within a few weeks of use, so it may not be ideal for heavier riders.

Best For

  • This board is perfect for cruising. The bearings feel dependable and the board is very sturdy. This results in a comfortable ride that you can commute with or just ride around the block.
  • It’s also great for downhills. The bearings are quite fast. The size of the board is perfect for getting a good stance and the board itself has great balance.
  • It’s okay for freestyling but this board is obviously not designed for that. It can handle some punishment but don’t expect it to last too long if you try to pull off regular skateboard tricks regularly.

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What Users Say

It seems the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard has a very positive sentiment from customers. Most buyers felt like it was a great value for their money. The reasoning for this is because they really felt like they got a quality board that performed well.

Most customers didn’t have any issues riding it right out of the box. They felt it provided a comfortable, balanced, and fast ride. Another thing that many customers pointed out was the fact that this board was very versatile. They were able to use it for downhill, cruising and freestyle.

A common criticism among some customers was the fact that they didn’t like the board right out of the box. As mentioned earlier, many felt like you needed to upgrade the wheels and bearings for a faster and smoother ride.


In conclusion, the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is a great entry level board that offers a strong combination of quality, durability, versatility, and performance. While it doesn’t excel in downhills or freestyle, it can be used for many different situations as long as it’s not taken to the extreme. Have you tried the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard out yet? If so, let us know what you think about it. Feel free to tell us about other longboards you feel is worth a look.

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