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Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard – 2019 Review

This review of the Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard not only takes the time to look at the technical specifications on the board, but it also looks at how it rides and how other users have experienced the board. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to determine if this board will work for you.
Choosing a longboard can be a confusing process. Unlike a typical skateboard, a longboard’s design can play a huge role in how suitable it is for an individual rider. The concept behind a board also has a saying in what kind of riding it is most suitable for. If you’re looking for a good longboard, you should always start by looking at an objective review.
Deck material: Hardrock Maple
Wheels: 70x51mm APU
Board Length: 42 inches
Bearings: ABEC-9
Trucks: Reverse Kingpin
Price Range: Cheap

Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard – Main Features

Overall Features

When you’re looking at the features of a longboard, you should largely focus on how they impact the rideability of the vehicle. While the Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard doesn’t have a host of impressive cutting-edge features, it does have a few that really help to improve the overall ride. This is a board that feels largely meant for those just getting into longboards, and the major components tend to bear out that suspicion.


If you’re looking for a single aspect of the board to praise, it’s probably the trucks. Adjustable to fifty degrees, they’re largely responsible for how maneuverable this board can be.
Simply put, this board moves better than it should at its length, helping newer riders to learn how to move a board without punishing them for their mistakes. Likewise, the board’s deck is just solid enough that even heavier riders will feel comfortable as they’re getting used to going down the road.


A special note should be made about the aesthetics of these boards. Art is a huge part of the design, and it stands out on every board. While you aren’t quite getting custom work with these boards, what you are getting is a look that’s had some thought put into it.

If you’re searching for a board that’s more than just the traditional skater design, you’ll find a great deal to like here. There are a few different designs from which to choose, though all of them really stand out in a field that is otherwise becoming generic very quickly.

Technical Specifications

• 8-play Hardrock Maple Deck
• Adjustable aluminum reverse kingpin trucks
• 34 inch wheelbase
• 9 inch width
• 42 inch length
• Maximum capacity of 250lbs
• 70x51mm 78A PU wheel
• ABEC-9 precision bearings

Box Content

– Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard


– Takes turns incredibly easily
– Has a great aesthetic
– Solid quality build
– Adjustable bearings
– Easy to work on
– Good maximum weight capacity
– Perfect for learning how to ride on a board plus a few basic tricks


– Lacks major bells and whistles
– Takes a fair bit of maintenance
– Included bearings aren’t very good
– Not great for speed

Best For


If you’re going to pick a single group that benefits from the Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard, it’s got to be new riders. This isn’t just because it’s a relatively simple board, but rather because it’s a relatively easy board to ride.
There are a lot of little issues that you’d be sure to notice if you’ve been riding high-quality longboards for years. Nonetheless, these are not conspicuous for those novices in this hobby. The fact that it turns easily and that it rides very well makes it a great starter board – and the price certainly doesn’t scare off new riders, either.


This board is probably a bit better for cruising than downhill riding. The included bearings aren’t great for speed, so you’d have to do a little work before you could get the board up to snuff.

It’s fantastic for travel, though, with an average of about ten yards between push-offs even if you’re new to cruising. Consider this one if you just want a lazy ride down the street rather than if you want to race down a big hill.

What Users Say

Positive Reviews

Users have an overwhelmingly positive view of this board for a few reasons. One thing that continually pops up is how well this board holds up. As long as you treat it well, it’s a board that will last. A number of riders who are both experienced and novices also praise how easy it is to turn the board, even though it’s fairly long.
Riders also point out that the board itself is fairly light. This is great for those who take the board with them when they are not able to ride.


There are, of course, a few recurrent complaints as well. The big one seems to be the bearings – they’re slow and they tend to grind. Therefore, most who hold onto the board recommend replacing them as quickly as possible.

A number of riders also point out that this board needs maintenance if you want to keep it working. A few have mentioned the board snapping under too much weight and many point towards rust problems. These maintenance issues can be even more severe if you ride the board in extreme weather. If you treat it right, though, these issues shouldn’t happen to you.


With proper maintenance and care, the Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard can be a fantastic longboard. It’s definitely a good ride for beginners, though experienced riders will still have fun cruising down the street. It’s not going to win any competitions, but it’s also not going to break the bank – an important factor to consider in a board like this.

If you’ve had experience with this type of longboard, we want to know. Whether you’re got more praise or you’ve got complaints, we’d love to hear more. Make sure that you get in contact with us today!

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