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Best Longboard Bearings of 2019

Today, we’ll discuss what separates the best longboard bearings from the average products. We will take a close look at the construction, quality, and design of the best products of this kind. Our top recommendations come from renowned brands such as Yellow Jacket or OldBoy. You’ll start with a table with specs for a quick overview. Let’s start!

Rank Product Name Our Score Product Link
1 Yellow Jacket Pro Longboard Bearings 9.9/10 Amazon.com
2 Pro Skateboard Longboard Bearings 9.2/10 Amazon.com
3 Bones Reds Bearings for Longboards 8.5/10 Amazon.com
4 SCSK8 ABEC 9 Longboard Bearings 8/10 Amazon.com
5 esKape Abec-9 608-RS Longboard Bearings 7.9/10 Amazon.com
6 Oldboy Premium Ceramic Longboard Bearings 7.8/10 Amazon.com
7 Zealous Bearings for Longboards 7.8/10 Amazon.com

1. Yellow Jacket Pro Longboard Bearings

Price category: Average price
Quality: Highest precision in the market
Unique Features: Cool engraved colored seals
Dependability: Built for racing and durability

If you are ready to fly on your longboard, then you’ll want to switch to the Yellow Jacket Pro longboard bearings. These are definitely not your average board bearings. That’s because they are lubricated with ultra-fast lube. As a result, it will cause your board to blaze down the pipe. Colorful shield locks in the lubricant, so it lasts for many rides.

When you buy the Yellow Jacket bearings for your longboard, you’re acquiring more than a name. The high-quality components increase speed and durability, providing countless hours of effortless riding.

Main Features

• High-quality materials.
• Engraved color seal provides protection.
• Quality balls designed with premium chrome steel.
• Rivals any bearing on the market.

2. Yellow Jacket Premium Inline Skate Bearings

Price category: Average price
Quality: Smooth rolling design
Unique Features: Removable rubber shield causes less friction
Dependability: Made with premium-grade titanium

Now you can hit the skate-park in style with your gold Pro Skateboard bearing. These bearings are affordable and will provide you with a faster, smoother, and more efficient ride. Not only will you be burning up the roads, but you’ll also be setting the park on fire. These are lighter bearings that are stronger than steel.

When you are looking to burn it up at the park or fly down the streets, you can’t ask for a better quality bearing set than the Pro Skateboard bearings. These unique bearings are made with premium-grade titanium that can’t be beaten!

Main Features

• 608 RS skate bearings (8-piece set).
• Unique design for extreme loads.
• Pre-lubricated with speed oil.
• Ultra-fast design.

3. Bones Reds Bearings for Longboards

Price category: Low price
Quality: High-quality construction
Unique Features: Shield measures 22mm x 8mm x 7mm
Dependability: Bearing type is 608-RS

Perhaps the biggest reason that Bones Reds Bearings are a top choice for longboard owners is that they were made to last. Whether you want them for your first ride or as an upgrade, these bearings were crafted to provide a super fast ride every time. Precision speed is the reason these are consistently rated as the best longboard bearings in the industry.

Transform the quality of your ride and eliminate having issues with dirt or debris getting into the casing with the Bones Reds. Sealed to provide exceptional speed.

Main Features

• Great quality at a reasonable price.
• 608-RS bearings.
• Pre-lubricated with speed oil.
• Super-fast design.

4. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Price category: Very Low price
Quality: Top quality construction
Unique Features: 608 RS rubber seal
Dependability: Low restrictions

The SCSK8 bearings are unique in that they were crafted by boarders who know what boarders are looking for in their ride. To that point, the bearings are pre-lubricated and encased in durable rubber that will provide for countless hours of skating without issue.

The SCSK8 bearings are looked at as one of the best longboard bearings. That’s because they provide superior protection from the elements, yet still have low restrictions. These bearings will ensure your longboard performs and blazes along whether at the park or on the campus.

Main Features

• Spinner red silver 1 set of 8.
• 6SCSK8 Abec 9 bearings.
• Pre-lubricated with speed oil.
• 608 RS rubber seal.

5. esKape Abec-9 608-RS Longboard Bearings

Price category: Lowest price
Quality: Plastic steel shields
Unique Features: Red and silver in a package of 8
Dependability: High-speed lube for a dependable ride

When you purchase the esKape longboard bearings, you get a set of 8 bearings at the lowest price in the industry. These are the perfect bearings to help you get up to speed, and they already come lubricated in the casing.

Don’t let dirt and debris clogging your bearings keep you from blazing down the road. Protective plastic steel shields on the esKape bearings ensure fewer issues with clogs.

Main Features

• Blank longboard bearings.
• Protective plastic shields.
• Speed lubricant – super fast.
• Works with all types of longboards.

6. Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

Price category: Medium price
Quality: Super hard ceramic balls
Unique Features: Heavily lubricated to resist drag
Dependability: Heavy lubrication prevents wear and tear

The reason the Oldboy longboard bearings are considered the best longboard bearings is that they can take abuse and last longer than any other bearings. Once the lubricant is dispersed, these bearings will provide a whole new level of smooth riding.

Just ask those professional boards about Oldboy. Any pro will confirm that the Oldboy bearings provide a tubular boarding experience unlike any you have ever experienced. Now you have the ability to match your passion for longboarding to the right set of ceramic bearings.

• Oldboys are loaded with lube.
• Tolerate high speeds.
• Made of indestructible polished glass.
• Heavy-duty durability.

7. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards

Price category: Low price
Quality: Color coordinated rubber seals
Unique Features: Built-in spacers and speed rings
Dependability: Lubed with nanoceramic grease

Why are Zealous bearings considered the best longboard bearings? They utilize a nanoceramic compound that fills in any deformations in the bearing. These are the deformations that are causing friction in your ride, basically eliminated with these longboard bearings.

The host alloy in the Zealous bearings has a molecular bond with all the metal, eliminating all that friction over time. With these bearings, any corrosion on the inside is nearly eliminated. Perfect for bombing hills or long distance cruising.

Main Features

• .4045″ built-in spacers & .5mm built-in speed rings.
• The coefficient of friction lowest in the industry.
• Lubed with custom nanoceramic grease.
• Precision 8mm axle holes.


These are seven of the best longboard bearings for the money. If you are already using a different set of bearings that we did not discuss today, please feel free to share your experience here so our readers have the opportunity to upgrade to a better quality than we have listed here.

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