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Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising of 2019

Today, we’ll discuss seven of the best longboard wheels for cruising based on rider reviews, price, and quality. Our list picked flagship products for cruising from respectable brands such as Bigfoot, sKape, and others. When it comes to cruising on your longboard, the quality on the ride depends of the type of wheels you’re riding around on. While there are different types of longboard wheels for cutting and cornering, cruising wheels pertain to a class of their own. To make the right decision, take a look at these choices.

Rank Product Name Our Score Product Link
1 Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Mountain Cruisers 9.5/10 Amazon.com
2 Big Boy Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 9.2/10 Amazon.com
3 Owlsome 90mm Longboard Flywheels 9/10 Amazon.com
4 LED Longboard Wheels with Night Glow Cruiser Lights 9/10 Amazon.com
5 Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Cruising Wheels 9/10 Amazon.com
6 Freedare 58mm Longboard Cruiser Wheels 8.9/10 Amazon.com
7 sKape Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 8.5/10 Amazon.com

1. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Mountain Cruisers

Price category: Medium priced
Hardness: 80A wheels
Wheels: 76mm x 53mm wheels
Features: Exceptional grip and stability at higher speeds

When you are cruising on your longboard, you need a set of wheels that were made specifically for making the ride as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, you’ll feel the pressure building in your feet sooner than you think. The Mountain Crushers by Bigfoot are the best longboard wheels for cruising and for commuting or taking a trip around campus.

Nowadays, you have the chance to quickly commute without feeling every pebble or piece of debris on the road. These Bigfoot Cruisers help to improve grip to the road surface while providing excellent stability.

Main Features

• Easier to maintain top speeds.
• Designed for those riders looking to go fast.
• Grip through turns and corners.
• 76mm wheels are on the larger end.

2. Big Boy Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Price category: Low price
Hardness: 80A SHR
Wheels: 70mm wheels
Features: Exceptional stability at high speeds

The last thing you want are wheels on your longboard designed for tricks in the park when you are trying to cruise the city. These wheels were made for cruising and will provide comfort on the board by reducing the impact over every obstacle. The Big Boy Cruiser wheels were made specifically for taking longer treks on your board.

The Big Boy Cruisers are the best longboard wheels for cruising and designed to roll over the little pebbles that are tripping up other riders. In addition to the ability to smooth out the surface ahead, these wheels offer more in the way of stability too.

Main Features

• Superior comfort.
• Allows for excellent stability.
• Reduces rider fatigue.
• 70mm wheels ride over small debris.

3. Owlsome 90mm Longboard Flywheels

Price category: Medium price
Hardness: 82A SHR
Wheels: 90mm x 52mm flywheels
Features: Eight (8) Owlsome precision bearings

The Owlsome Longboard Flywheels were crafted for long distance boarding. Whether you are cruising to work or heading to school, these wheels will reduce stress on your legs by absorbing most of the imperfections in your ride. These are not the wheels you want for sliding. Nonetheless, they grip well and handle even the most challenging terrain.

These are the best longboard wheels for cruising because they hold momentum longer distances thanks to the harder durometer. Even after heavy usage, these Owlsome tires won’t show much wear.

Main Features

• Includes set of eight (8) precision ABEC 7 bearings.
• Four 90mm x 52mm Flywheels.
• Includes set of four (4) 8mm x 10mm bearing spacers.
• Wheels hardness of 82a.

4. 76mm Longboard Wheels with Bearings set

Price category: Medium price
Hardness: 82A SHR
Wheels: 60mm
Features: Powered by centrifugal force

Not only are these LED longboard wheel designed for cruising, but they will also make your ride safer as well. The lights need no batteries in the wheels. They are simply powered by centrifugal force and will last for over 10,000 hours of riding time.

The combination of the lighted wheels and the Abec 9 bearings make cruising a breeze. Whether riding on the smooth sidewalks or dirt packed road, your LED wheels will get you where you need in style.

Main Features

• Includes Abec 9 bearings.
• LED lights shine for over 10,000 hours.
• Added element of safety for night riding.
• No batteries needed.

5. Magneto SLIDERZ Longboard Wheels | Skateboard Wheels, Sliding & Tricks

Price category: High price
Hardness: Wide contact patch with stiff rounded lips
Wheels: 70mm
Features: Offset bearing seat

These Orangatang Stimulus cruising wheels are going to make you feel energized instead of fatigued after a long ride. The combination of the offset bearings and the wider contact patch mean they will allow the wheels to spin freely for longer. At the same time, your board will carry your momentum for longer distances.

These cruiser wheels make use of a stone-ground patch that is going to make the most of your ride. These Orangatang wheels ensure the rider will have a smooth ride with high roll speed.

Main Features

• Perfect wheels for freeriding.
• Easily rolls over any road debris.
• Encapsulated core.
• Includes set of 4 wheels.

6. FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels

Price category: Low price
Hardness: 82A polyurethane wheels
Wheels: 58mm
Features: Includes ABEC-7 high steel bearings & spacers

Commuting on your longboard or cruising the campus just got that much easier with these Freedare longboard cruise wheels. Included in the pack are four wheels along with bearings and spacers. The wheels are great for long distance riding because the wheel is soft but still able to avoid debris in your path.

These are thought to be the best longboard wheels for cruising. They contain bearing steel that is pre-lubricated, helping to increase both speed and durability.

Main Features

• 58mm diameter x 45mm width.
• Durometer count: 82A.
• Very durable for street skating.
• Includes pack of 4 wheels.

7. sKape 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels Flywheels

Price category: Low price
Hardness: 80A wheels
Wheels: 83mm x 52mm
Features: Available in five (5) different colors

Those who are looking to commute with their longboard will appreciate the quality and construction of the sKape cruiser wheels. These wheels will increase your riding pace while greatly reducing the odds of crevice or small pebble launching you off the board.

These sKape wheels are going to gobble everything up on your commute from little pebbles to cracks in the pavement. Less stress on the legs means a more comfortable ride too.

Main Features

• 83mm diameter x 52mm width.
• Durometer count: 80A.
• Longboard cruiser wheels.
• Includes set of 4 wheels.


These are a few of the best longboard wheels for cruising that we have found, but this is by no means a complete list. If you are already cruising around on your longboard with a set of wheels that we have not touched upon here, please comment with the brand and maker of the wheels. Our readers will have the chance to research your favorite set of wheels.

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