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Best Longboard Wheels of 2019

It is time to scan the market and track down those longboard wheels that can really make a difference. This list offers concise and on point reviews about our top 7 recommendations. These best longboard wheels proved their worth through their excellent specs, features, and upgrades. If you are not paying attention to these components, your entire deck with bearings and trucks can’t attain maximum performance. Let’s start with a table for a flash overview.

Rank Product Name Our Score Product Link
1 Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 9.5/10 Amazon.com
2 Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 9.2/10 Amazon.com
3 KSS Sliding Stone Ground Longboard Wheels 9/10 Amazon.com
4 MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels 9/10 Amazon.com
5 Big Boy Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 9/10 Amazon.com
6 Bigfoot Mountain Crusher Longboard Wheels 8.9/10 Amazon.com
7 Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Wheels 8.5/10 Amazon.com

1. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels

Price category: Wheels are high priced
Functionality: Can be used for off-road
Size: 70mm with 78a diameter
Features: Considered to be all-terrain wheels

These are not your average longboard wheels. One look at the Shark Wheel Sidewinder wheels and you will notice they aren’t even round. The unique cube design has a dead spot on six sides. Therefore, contrary to how they look, they provide the perfect sphere when rolling down the road.

These sidewinder wheels are considered the best longboard wheels because they look like they will be a challenge to ride/ However, that is exactly why they are the perfect wheels for your longboard. This hybrid shape provides a smooth ride and has been scientifically proven to provide great performance.

Main Features

• Different in shape but function the same.
• Improved grip on slick surfaces.
• Work with any bearings.

2. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

Price category: Wheels are high priced
Functionality: Provides excellent grip
Size: 76mm x 53mm
Features: 80A SHR hardness

Just as the name implies, these Bigfoot wheels are going to make short order of just about any terrain. Whether you are riding in the park or flying down the road, the Bigfoot wheels have just the right hardness to provide a superior ride.

These are the best longboard wheels you want when you are riding on slick surfaces. Thanks to them, you’ll also be able to maintain your speed and balance. They feature an offset core that helps to give the wheels the ability to grip through corners and turns.

Main Features

• 76mm x 53mm with 80A SHR hardness.
• Stability at high speeds.
• Providepredictable and controlled slide characteristics.
• Designed for riders looking for speed.

3. KSS Sliding Stone Ground Longboard Wheels

Price category: Wheels are medium priced
Functionality: Compatible with all standard 608 bearings
Size: 70mm diameter with 82a hardness
Features: Stone ground contact patch

When it comes to riding your longboard at high speeds, the last thing you want to do is lose contact with the surface. The KSS Sliding Stone wheels are the best longboard wheels made for hugging any surface and allowing for superior corning and turning ability. Whether you’re ripping it at the parks or blasting through campus, these are the wheels that will get you where you need to go.

This set is ideal for power sliding and for those who are just being introduced to this boarding technique. Harder wheels mean lightning fast speed.

Main Features

Unique stone ground patch.
• Includes 4 wheels.
• Providing predictable slide characteristics.
• 70mm diameter with 82A hardness.

4. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Price category: Wheels are medium priced
Functionality: 78a super-high-rebound urethane
Size: 100mm x 65mm all-terrain wheels
Features: Off-road capabilities

These are not the wheels you want if you are just boarding around the park, the MBS all-terrain wheels allow you to take your longboard in places others dare not tread. Not only can you hit those dirt-packed roads the other skaters avoid, but you can also take your board in short grass and cut through effortlessly.

Now you won’t be restricted to the park or sidewalks anymore. Your board with these MBS all-terrain wheels gives you the ability to easily ride anywhere.

Main Features

Ride packed dirt or short grass.
• 78a super-high-rebound urethane.
• Providing unparalleled speed.

5. Big Boy Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Price category: Wheels are medium priced
Functionality: 75a super-high-rebound urethane
Size: 70mm x 38mm wheels
Features: Sector 9 butterball wheels

These green longboard wheels are more intense than you might think. The reason for this is that they have been skillfully crafted to provide the best longboard adventures. The materials used to make the Big Boy Pro wheels are made to last.

These cruiser wheels were made specifically for the longboarder who wants speed. As a result, the Big Boy accessories are the best longboard wheels for reaching top speed and maintaining full control.

Main Features

• Cruise at higher speeds.
• 75a super-high-rebound urethane.
• Provide smoother ride.

6. Bigfoot Mountain Crusher Longboard Wheels

Price category: Wheels are medium priced
Functionality: 83A SHR hardness
Size: 76mm x 53mm wheels
Features: Maximum grip to maintain high speeds

These Bigfoot Mountain Crusher wheels are ideal for your longboard. That’s because they have slide characteristics that will provide superior gripping ability at higher speeds. This grip ability also comes in handy when taking tight corners and turns.

As a result, you’ll have a longboard wheel that not only has slide characteristics, but it also provides superior grip so you can maintain balance at high speeds. Offset core lets the wheels grip through turns with control and is designed for riders looking to go extremely fast with wheels that break free when necessary.

Main Features

• Cruising at higher speeds with less wobble.
• 76mm x 53mm with 83A SHR hardness.
• Providing superior grip.

7. Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Longboard Wheels

Price category: Wheels are high priced
Functionality: Rounded lips and a stone-ground contact patch
Size: 70mm wheels
Features: Perfect longboard wheel for freestyle tricks

The Orangatang Freeride longboard wheels are going to give your shredding a boost of adrenaline. By combining the offset bearing and wider contact surface, the rounded lips have the unique feel of a broken-in race wheel and freeride wheel.

The Orangatang Freeride wheels have stone-ground contact patches that ensure buttery-smooth slides. These longboard wheels come in a pack of four and are perfect for tricks, slides, commuting, and dancing.

Main Features

• Large enough to roll over debris.
• Grippy with buttery-smooth slide.
• Encapsulated core maintains smooth ride.


These are seven of the best longboard wheels you’ll find on the market today. If you are having a killer experience with your longboard with a set of wheels we have not touched on today, please comment with your choice for wheels. This way, we can update our list and share with our readers.

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