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The Best Longboards under 100 Dollars of 2019

In this list of the best longboards that you can buy for under 100, we will take a look at a multitude of features, perks, and drawbacks of seven different models. Each will be ranked based on their design, affordability, features, and more. Longboards will always represent a stable and fun type of skateboard that a growing number of people are learning to love. That’s why a modest budget is a great way to start exploring this new passion.

Six Best Longboards Under 100 Ranked

Rank Product Name Our Score Link
1 Ten Toes Best Longboard Under 100 Dollars Ten Toes Boardr 9.75/10
2 The Quest Super Cruiser The Quest Super Cruiser 9.5/10
3 Playshion Best Longboard Under 100 Dollars Playshion Freestyle 9.25/10
4 Sanview Best Longboard Under 100 Dollars Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard 8.9/ 10
5 VOLADOR Best Longboard Under 100 Dollars Volador Complete Cruiser 8.9/ 10
6 ENKEEO Best Longboard Under 100 Dollars Enkeeo Drop-Through Longboard 8.6/ 10

6. Enkeeo Drop-Through Longboard

Price category:Affordable
Deck material:Nine-ply flex maple
Wheels:70 mm
Board length:40 inches long / 101 centimeters

Anyone looking for an affordable longboard will find that the Enkeeo Drop-Through is one of the best longboards under 100. Its best features include a star-themed illustration on the deck’s bottom and some outstanding wheel bearings in terms of functionality. All in all, users appreciate the durable materials put into this build.


  • ABEC-11 wheel bearings
  • Anti-slip brushed black deck
  • Seven-inch aluminum trucks


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Rides well over cracks and bumps


  • Wheels bite if you turn too sharply
  • Low minimum speed

5. Volador Complete Cruiser

Price category:Affordable
Deck material:Hardrock maple
Wheels:70 mm
Board length:42 inches long/ 106 centimeters

The relatively low-quality wheel bearings on this model take it down a few notches. However, it is a good board for beginners since it comes with tough maple materials and adjustable trucks. As for the looks, those of you who wish to ride a Volador can choose between a generous range of awesome designs by various artists.


  • Easy-to-adjust truck angles
  • Environmentally-friendly paint
  • Drop-through deck


  • Very smooth ride
  • Can take the turns extremely well
  • Adjustable trucks improve maneuverability
  • Shock absorber minimizes impact problems


  • ABEC-9 bearings are not top of the line
  • May rust without proper care

4. Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard

Price category:Affordable
Deck material:7 plies Canadian maple mix 1 ply bamboo
Wheels:70 mm
Board length:42 inches long/ 106 centimeters

While some users had to tighten the wheels’ nuts after taking this board out of the box, it still made it to our list of the best longboards under 100 dollars. At first glance, the design seems a little off. However, it actually takes the best of a longboard and a cruiser for better performance. Lastly, the graphics might not be jaw-dropping, yet they do instill good taste and harmony thanks to the natural colors of wood and blue sky.


  • Durable bamboo deck
  • Stable grip tape
  • ABEC-9 wheel bearings


  • Riders can keep balance easily while taking sharp turns
  • Materials  can withstand wet weather conditions
  • Comfortable design makes it easier to cruise


  • Outer finish comes down easily
  • Hard to find fitting tools for ulterior adjustments

3. Playshion Freestyle

Price category:Affordable
Deck material:Eight-ply maple
Wheels:70 mm
Board length:39 inches/  99 centimeters

Advanced riders will appreciate this freestyle board, though it is also designed for beginners. Some of the reasons this is one of the best longboards under 100 include a flexible deck design and pleasantly stable and smooth wheels. More interestingly, this board encourages users to practice multiple riding styles, be it freeride, downhill, cruising, sliding, freestyle, or curving.


  • PU-casted red bushing
  • Simple braking style
  • Concave deck for easy turning
  • A 7-out-of-10 flexibility level


  • Very light design
  • Beginners learned to ride this longboard in less than an hour
  • Durable enough for heavy riders
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Grip tape has bubbling issues
  • Wheels may squeak without lubrication

2. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Price category:Affordable
Deck material:Nine-ply Canadian maple and bamboo
Wheels:70 mm
Board length:44 in. long or 111 cm


This pro-style longboard was designed for California’s boardwalks specifically by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. It is a great board for beginners due to the high-quality materials and increased maneuverability but it can be easily used long term as it is also very durable. This model is longer than the average longboard, but skateboard enthusiasts do know that the longer the board the better.


  • Multi maple wood and artisan bamboo deck
  • 70mm polyurethane wheels
  • ABEC-7 wheel bearings with non-removable shields


  • Great finish on the deck
  • High turn response
  • Good trucks


  • Quite stiff (2/10 on flexibility)
  • Bad bearings

1. Ten Toes Boardr

Price category:Affordable
Deck material:Bamboo
Wheels:70 mm
Board length:44 inches long or 111 centimeters

Though this board is a bit heavy and a little pricey, it is absolutely one of the best longboards under 100 for real pros. Its top features include some extremely stable wheels, a very sturdy deck, and a flexible material design. The manufacturer recommends this model for urban trips and street coasting. As for the increased stability, it derives from its aluminum trucks with riser pads.


  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • Old-school wood design
  • Milled wheels


  • Few instances of wheel bite when turning
  • Grip tape prevents nasty falls
  • Strong eight-ply deck


  • One of the pricier models highlighted
  • May be too heavy for some


As you can see, the best longboards under 100 can still come with a broad array of excellent design elements, sturdy construction, and quality materials. If you have experience with any of these kinds of boards or want to let us know about a model that we may have missed, let us know in the comments below. We always look forward to hearing from our readers.

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