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Best Pintail Longboards of 2019

Each best pintail longboard here will be ranked by their price, deck material, wheels, and board length. You’ll also be able to read a short review of each one, plus some final pros and cons. Hopefully, all these details will help you decide which pintail board is best for you and your riding preferences.

Pintail boards are one of the most popular longboard styles around. Such a flat or slightly concave board offers a wide center and a slim nose and tail. This makes it perfect for cruising in one direction or making sharp turns. Large, carved out wheels reduce the risk of wheel bite and accidents while riding over bumpy terrain.

Typically, pintail boards have a lot of flex and grip tape for stability. You’ll want to pay attention to brands like Rimable, Atom, Arbor, and others when searching for your best fit.

Rank Product Name Our Score Product Link
1 Atom Pin-Tail Longboard 9.5/10
2 RIMABLE Pintail Longboard 9.2/10
3 Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land 9/10
4 Anfan Longboard Canadian Downhill 9/10
5 Ancheer Longboard Canadian Downhill 9/10
6 Arbor Timeless 42 8.9/10
7 Bamboo Skateboards Pintail Longboard Tiki Man 8.5/10

7. Bamboo Skateboards Pintail Longboard Tiki Man

Price category: High
Deck Material: Bamboo
Wheels: 70mm/78A
Board Length: 44 inches/1117mm
The Bamboo Pintail Kingpin board uses superior quality bamboo arranged in inlayed stripes to make a strong pintail longboard. The slightly concave board surface provides added strength and just enough flex for adequate control. The bamboo comes from responsibly sourced locations to keep this pintail eco-friendly.


It holds up to 200 pounds and has a unique tiki man design on the underside. Unfortunately, grip tape must be purchased separately to add a little grip to the surface.


Main Features: 
  • Earned 2012 Skateboard of the Year award
  • Great strength and flexibility for up to 200 pounds
  • High-quality bamboo from responsibly managed forests

6. Tower Boardwalk Cruiser Pin Tail Longboard Skateboard

Price category: High
Deck Material: 7-ply Hard Rock Maple
Wheels: 70mm/78A
Board Length: 46 inches/1168mm
The Arbor Timeless 42 features two amazing designs, both on top and underneath the board. With interspersed lucid grip tape, this board was made for cruising or even for beginners just learning how to carve. The extra long design adds stability and balance which makes it the best pintail longboard. This pintail board holds up to 270 pounds; however, the board may be too flexible and bottom out if too much weight is added.


Main Features: 
  • Two amazing board designs
  • Extra long length for beginners or added stability
  • Arbor glass grip tape coating included

5. ANCHEER Longboard Canadian Freeride

Price category: Affordable
Deck Material: High Density 9-ply Canadian Maple
Wheels: Double Row Anti-Shock 65mm/83A
Board Length: 41 inches/1041mm
This high-density board supports up to 220 pounds and features a 7-inch axle width. The wide turning radius and low center of gravity were designed for it to become the best pintail longboard for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding.


Double row, anti-shock super smooth wheels make riding this pintail a breeze, regardless of where you decide to board. Included rubber riser pads prevent wheel bite and minimize vibrations. The bottom features 1 of 3 bright designs and grip tape covers the entire surface.


On the other hand, the 9-ply board may not provide as much flex as other materials. Nonetheless, it is considered highly stable for a variety of activities.


Main Features: 
  • Built for downhill and speed
  • Wide turning radius
  • Shock absorbent wheels with Anti-Bite technology

4. Anfan Longboard Canadian Downhill

Price category: Affordable
Deck Material: 9-ply Maple/Bamboo Hybrid Laminate
Wheels: 70x51mm PU Wheels/ 85A
Board Length: 41 inches/1041mm
This 7-inch, aluminum drop through longboard base joins with an extra sturdy deck to support up to 198 pounds. The 9-ply bamboo/maple hybrid laminate features a timeless heat transfer graphic and provides more stability than flexibility. This is one of the best pintail longboard choices that also has grip tape coating the entire surface. Its high-speed lubricated bearings were born for downhill riding, freestyling, and cruising.


Main Features: 
  • High speed lubricant bearings
  • Sturdy and durable board material
  • Simple heat transfer graphics

3. Sector 9 Bamboo G-Land

Price category: High
Deck Material: 5-ply Vertically Laminated Bamboo
Wheels: 70mm/75a Center Set TS Wheels
Board Length: 44 inches/1117mm
Talk about a beauty! The Sector 9 G-Land pintail board utilizes 5-ply vertically laminated bamboo for the perfect blend of support and flex. A classy teal and natural wood design with clear grip tape are sure to catch looks from everyone you zoom past while riding on the 10-inch trucks. The gel wheels absorb shock and coast over most minor bumps with ease.


Plus, this pintail features a concave design for greater control which makes it a contestant for the best pintail longboard. It’s important to tighten the trucks after the first ride, but feel free to hop on this board right after taking it out of the box!


Main Features: 
  • Awesome board design
  • Clear grip tape on top to keep that classy look
  • A concave shape that adds greater control

2. VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard

Price category: Cheap
Deck Material: Maple Laminated
Wheels: 70x51mm PU Wheels
Board Length: 41 inches/1041mm
The RIMABLE pintail board is a highly affordable model that comes in 9 different color options. Black grip tape completely covers the top for added control while freestyling or coasting across town. The sturdy design makes it the best pintail longboard for cruising.


On the other hand, the firm wheels make pushing easy enough for riding across long distances. The laminate maple board can hold up to 230 pounds, though it may have too much flex for freestyling at higher weight ranges.


Main Features: 
  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Affordable
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to steer and turn

1. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

Price category: Medium
Deck Material: 8-ply Maple Laminate
Wheels: 65mm/78A Urethane Wheels
Board Length: 39 inches/990mm

The Atom Pin-Tail Longboard features a standard deck shape covered in grip tape to help prevent wheel bite. It also has a smaller board than others on the list, coming in at 39 inches long. A concave cross section adds flexibility for carving. This pushes this model forward as the best pintail longboard for beginners just starting out which makes.

This Atom comes in two unique designs that are heat transferred onto the underside of the board. Although this board wasn’t designed for carving or freestyling, it’s great for coasting across campus or around the city.

Main Features:

  • Two great graphic options to choose from
  • Slight concave design for the perfect balance of flex and stability
  • Grippy and quiet wheels for coasting


Whether you like to perform tricks or just need a quicker way to go from point A to point B, there’s definitely a pintail longboard out there for you. The Bamboo Skateboards pintail model is a great choice for those who are eco-conscious and expect a sturdy board that can be ridden during a lot of activities. On the other hand, the Arbor Timeless 42 would make a great choice for beginners who’d like a longer board with added stability.


Finally, the RIMABLE Pintail is strong and affordable. Overall, the Atom Pin-Tail is the best choice for beginners, cruisers, and riders who desire a flexible and quiet longboard. Let us know which one of these models has the potential to become your best pintail longboard!


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