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Copyright Rules

The entirety of the content found on this website is under the protection of international copyright laws. The Board Junkies authors own the content, unless someone else is specified as the content’s author.

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If you have permission from our team to reuse the content or reference it someplace else, you can only do that if you also mention the original source, so as to be clear and visible for everyone. The Board Junkies team is allowed to deny users permission to reference or reuse content found on this website, without having to provide a reason for this choice.

User Conduct

We encourage everyone reading our articles to share their thoughts and opinions with the team by commenting on the posts. However, there are some rules that all users must follow when doing so. Users should not – and are not allowed to – leave comments that contain:

  • Hate speech (of any kind)
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If we see any user leaving such comments, we will ban them from ever posting on our website. Things like hacking the Board Junkies website, gathering other users’ personal information, or harassing them are forbidden. Doing any of them will prompt our team to ban the user from the website, as well as get in touch with the authorities for legal action, if necessary.

As one of this website’s readers, it is your duty and obligation to notify the website’s administrators if you notice suspicious and/or illegal activities conducted by other users.

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All website readers should use the information here by their own accord. By doing so, they agree that and its advertising partners are not to be blamed for failures in the process of using the information on all of the products present in our reviews.

Limitations of Liability

Our goal here at Board Junkies is to provide objective reviews and well-researched content. If any reader chooses to use the content present here in ways that might bring damage upon themselves, we are not to be made responsible of that. All information you will find here was gathered for review purposes.

In our articles, you will find links to high-authority external sources. This is because we value quality, and we want our readers to enjoy just that. However, since the links provided do not belong to us, we are not responsible for the information they link to. The most we can do is update our links as often as possible and inform our users of any changes.
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